Monday, May 14, 2007


My new, improved travel plans

Well, I survived London and made it to Germany Friday evening. The part of London I was in was, to be polite, awful. The Docklands area is bleak with not much going for it.

So after a couple of meetings today, I'll take off for Paris then continue on to Madrid and Rome before returning to the UK on Saturday for another week of work there.

I'm hoping I can get some laundry done at the the hotel in Paris tomorrow.


alison said...

I dont understand why you had to stay in Docklands. Of all the places in London how did you end up there? What a pity. That happened to my cousin when he was on a business visit and it beggars belief how travel agencies can do this to people. Its miles out and mainly for huge business conferences at Wembley. There are some amazing parts in the centre of the thriving financial part but these arent where the hotels are at at all. Im sorry to hear you were there. Not sure if you are returning and need some reasonably priced hotel pointers but you can email me here. If you come to London you need to at least be in London really!

Ditto for Paris

Eric said...

It was a conference, unfortunately, so there wasn't much of a choice.

But don't worry...I've been to London before, so I know better than to judge the whole city by the Docklands.