Sunday, May 17, 2009

Serial rabbit murderer follow-up

Remember this item from last summer about a serial rabbit murdered in the Dortmund, Germany area? This morning while looking for something else I happened upon this article in Germany's edition of The Local. It seems they've caught the fiend:
A suspect in a series of grisly rabbit killings has been arrested from a neglected apartment full of animals – both dead and alive, Dortmund police reported on Friday.

Since early 2008, residents in the area have reported a large number of mysterious and disturbing rabbit killings. But investigators didn’t have any solid evidence until Friday morning at 2 am, when they found what they called their “first concrete lead.”

They arrested a 26-year-old suspect who was standing in front of his home with two animal transport boxes full of 11 guinea pigs.
That should help curb the price of hassenpfeffer a bit.

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