Thursday, May 28, 2009

No secrets

The Obama administration continues its war on national security, the latest front in which is an effort to declassify documents and open them up to the public.
President Barack Obama on Wednesday ordered a review of how the nation keeps and classifies its secrets and instructed his top administration officials to lean toward disclosure when they can.

Obama said he didn't want to leave documents kept secret without a clear national security-based reason.
Obama cites the need for transparency in government as the driver behind this effort, but near the end of the article appears a paragraph which I believe is at the root:
Obama aides have lamented overly aggressive classification and inconsistent restrictions. For instance, there are 107 unique markings for sensitive information and more than 130 different procedures to protect them.
This is what happens when you elect a far-left community organizer/activist with zero background in national security and foreign policy affairs as president. He brings with him to the White House like-minded people who have responsibilities thrust upon them which are completely alien to them. So rather than learn the ropes and find out why such measures are necessary, they decide to change the rules to better suit their comfort zone, consequences be damned.

Elections have consequences.


Alison said...

WOW and we vote alike my darling... I wasn't a supporter... and LET ME TELL you how scary that was in DC... thought the mob would take me down at any moment... and you know I can't be quiet about a damned thing EVER.

Ayrdale said...

...and even scarier is the ongoing sycophantic media treatment. It makes me think that the inevitable angry disappointment will be very traumatic...