Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Where's on deficit spending now?

I saw this linked at Hot Air from Red State today. A pointed example of the hypocrisy and outright dishonesty of the left. Watch both videos...they're short. First, the Red State video:

And here's the video from a year ago:

As Treacher tweeted the other night:
Remember: The guy who's trying to nationalize industry and start his own youth corps isn't the fascist. That was the previous occupant.
Republican deficit spending? Bad! Democrat deficit spending? Good! A president who says "nookewlar"? Moron! A president who presents as a gift to the Queen of England something anyone can get at Best Buy? Brilliant!

Back to the deficit spending thing. Besides Bush's support for amnesty for illegal aliens, the one thing over which he took the most heat from conservatives was his rampant spending and resulting deficits. But compare the two deficits (Bush's actual and Obama's projected):

That's not even an apples to oranges's apples to rocks. And yet - unlike the righties with Bush - the lefties are OK with this as long as it's their guy in office.

Lying, hypocritical pieces of shit.

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