Saturday, April 25, 2009

Howler monkey watch: The torture drumbeat

The Left is really going to town on the torture thing. Just looking at the front page of Huffington Post this morning, there were three featured articles (including the lead story in blaring NY Post-like headline font) on the subject. Of the 39 blog entries linked on the left-hand side, 16 - nearly half - were on the topic of torture. At the Daily Kos, four out of the eight "recommended diaries" are on the torture story. For the Left, it's all torture all the time.

Never mind that little new has surfaced in the past week that wasn't already widely known, or that calling waterboarding torture is akin to calling checkers a sport. The howler monkeys on the Left have outrage to whip up and they're going to keep howling about torture until there's something else to howl about.

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