Saturday, April 18, 2009

Liberal spin on Tea Parties soundly refuted

Lifted from Hot Air. This is important because it gives lie to the leftists' and media (but I repeat myself) spin that the Tea Parties were all about opposition to Obama and Democrats in Congress.

South Carolina Rep. Gresham Barrett is roundly booed by the crowd - beginning to end - at the Greenville, SC Tea Party for his less than stellar voting record on spending. He's a Republican, and he voted for TARP.

Yes, the Tea Parties were kicked off almost exclusively by conservatives and it's very much a conservative cause. But dismissing them as Republican party populism and propaganda is very much complete and utter bullshit. The lefties know this, but it better fits their narrative to push that lie.


Ellen K said...

The MSM just doesn't get it. It's not just about liberals vs. conservatives, it's about Real conservatism. Their smug dismissive attitudes and their belief in their own hype just makes things worse. Reporters no longer tell the story, the ARE the story. And that in a nutshell is the problem.

Eric said...

You're right, Ellen. Infotainment and pandering for target audiences has killed journalism. The profession no longer exists.