Friday, May 02, 2008

Moonbattery 101

A Hot Air post last night linked to this Daily Kos diary in which the diarist demands action against ABC for providing a town hall forum to Hillary Clinton while allegedly denying the same to Barack Obama. In left wing political blog terms, it's a typical IMPORTANT ACTION ALERT™ designed to whip the proletariat into a frenzy so they can all go somewhere and speak truth to power or something.

One commenter posts a tutorial on how to disrupt such an event:
First, find a good movement lawyer who can bail you out. Just because it aint illegal doesn't mean you won't get arrested. If your action is effective in challenging ABC, there is a good chance that you WILL get arrested.

The trick is to get a small group inside. The more the merrier, but at least two people are needed and your really a minimum of four or five. This may be no more difficult than getting tickets or showing up at the door, but you need to find out now. Be discrete. Dress nicely. Get a haircut if you need to.

Its usually a pretty simple matter to smuggle a banner into an event like this. The banner should have a simple message that is very easy to read (four or five words in big block letters, with high contrast between the letters and background). Make the banner on the lightest weight material you can buy. Fold it up flat and hide it under your clothes. The small of the back is a good place. Make it easily accessible for unfurling.

Time your unfurling carefully for when the cameras are likely to be on you. Getting a position behind any microphone set up for the audience is good idea. Have your own video cameras in case they cut away from you so you can put it up later that night on YouTube.

Have a simple chant and have everybody in your group prepared to chant in unison until you are silenced.

Be prepared to get assaulted, tackled, arrested and charged. Then be prepared to fight the charges and win two years from now.

It seems to me that any such protest action should not be on behalf of another candidate but rather in opposition to ABC and Clinton. A possible banner might read:

"Corporate Media = Corporate Candidates"

Be prepared to be ridiculed on the Daily Show and even denounced here by "responsible Democrats." Know that their ridicule and denunciations are evidence that you have touched a nerve and challenged their own comfortable complicity with "the way things are."

Don't expect miracles, but understand that every little gesture of resistance and defiance helps turn the tide of complacency.
The diarist, like many other head cases on the left, is convinced that ABC is in the tank for Hillary, and wonders "...who the Disney Corp. has donated their $$ to?". Disney, of course, is ABC's parent company. In less time than it took for the diarist to type and post its disjointed rant, it could have gone to and disabused itself of its Disney/ABC conspiracy theory. Of the 73 donations recorded from Disney employees, just eight of them went to Hillary Clinton, and none of those were from senior management.

Obama netted 45 of the 73 donations.

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