Monday, May 19, 2008

Danish embassies preparing for new round of Muslim outrage

Danish embassies in predominantly Muslim countries around the world are bracing themselves for a possible new wave of 'spontaneous' (usually immediately following Friday prayers) attacks, this time for prohibiting Danish judges from wearing head scarves.
Danish ambassadors are being briefed by the Foreign Ministry to handle possible reactions due to Wednesday's government headscarf ban for judges, especially in the Middle East, reports public broadcaster DR.

'In our experience, what often happens is that this type of incident creates misunderstanding throughout the world,' said Klavs Holm, head of the ministry's office for diplomacy.

A possible misinterpretation could be that the government wanted to exclude Muslims from being judges. In this case, it would be vital to show that the government wanted to enforce a ban on all religious symbols, including the Christian cross, with regards to judges.
It's not the "misunderstandings" or "misinterpretations" that are the problem. It's the Islamist freakazoids in the pulpit who'll whip up righteous outrage among the masses who didn't know they were supposed to be outraged in the first place.

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