Monday, January 07, 2008

Corporate stupidity

Very large companies are known for sometimes doing spectacularly stupid things. By contrast, smaller ones usually seem to be a bit sharper and less tone-deaf to what their customers want. The Free Lance-Star Companies here in Fredericksburg, Virginia have shown that they're an exception to this rule.

FLS owns the local paper (Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star), as well as a few radio stations; WFLS 93.3 (country), Classic Rock 96.9, and WYSK 99.3 (alternative rock). Today, they switched WYSK's format to hip-hop/R&B. Surely there's an audience for that format here, but WYSK was the sole alt rock station in town, and I'm fairly certain there's a broader market for that format than for the new one.

In any event, surely killing off a popular radio station pisses off more people than never having had a station of a totally different format.

Dumb asses.


darkpixel said...

Hello Internet Radio....

Eric said...

I don't have a computer in my car.

aDM said...

'Corporate stupidity'

There's plenty of it about. (I think maybe hip-hop/R&B has more ad slot and promo potential though)