Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Self-fulfilling prophecies

If you talk to nearly any conservative voter, that is, one likely to vote in his or her state's Republican primary, you'll find very little deviation from Fred Thompson's positions on the issues. So why is it that Fred trails in the polls? The unfortunate answer is that too few voters back candidates based on issues. Instead, they select the least-offensive from among the front-runners according to the polls and who are getting the most press. Clearly, if voters actually did their homework, Fred Thompson and Duncan Hunter would be duking it out for the top spot with all other GOP candidates in the single digits. In Iowa, Fred is fighting tooth and nail for third place in the polls while Hunter barely registers.

A quick read through any relevant discussion thread on blogs like Hot Air reveals part of the problem. Most of the reader-commenters at Hot Air are pretty well informed on the issues and candidates. Still, one consistently finds comments along the lines of "I really like Fred (or Duncan) on all the issues, but I don't think he's got a chance so I'll hold my nose and vote for Joe Douchebag instead." What's up with that?

Another frequent theme specific to Fred is "I really like Fred, but he's got no fire in his belly...he just doesn't seem to like campaigning." So, Fred should perform tricks like a trained monkey to garner votes? Gimme a fucking break.

If we had an electorate with integrity and one that is as principled as they say they want their candidates to be, maybe we wouldn't end up with such abysmally crappy political leadership year after year.

Oh, and happy freakin' New Year.


apacallyps said...

The truth is most conservatives can’t vote for Rudy because he is for abortion and gay marriage. And they don’t want someone who calls themselves Christian, but believes all kinds of strange things (take a guess). Nor do they want someone blaming America for all the troubles in the world either (if you guessed Ron Paul you’re right). Every time Thompson speaks America feels like taking a nap (yawn). And McCain is a career politician who doesn’t care what YOU want!

Bottom line: The best candidate for the Republican nomination is Huckabee.

There's one slight problem though: The Republican elites are attacking Huck. It is a well-coordinated effort to completely eliminate him. They are ruining the GOP mainstream chance of getting a President who will deal with their needs and not only Wall Streets and the Insiders. Thing is, their "talking points" propaganda warfare used against a fellow conservative who could very well be more of a conservative than they are provides a good look at their true colors.

Folks, it’s time to take AMERICA BACK!

A Whole New Race - Switch to Huckabee

Huckabee - Cinderella Man


Eric said...

If Huck actually had a clue about what's going on in the world, he might make an attractive candidate. All I hear from him is "vote for me...I'm more Christian than the rest!".

apacallyps said...

Dear Eric,

Lets see: Romney--flip flopping, lying liberal; Thompson--when he speaks America naps (yawn); Paul--yeah no need to say anything there; Giuliani--pro abortion and same sex marriage, talk about a "fake conservative"... pleeeease; McCain--yes, a war hero, but also a career politician who doesn't care what you want, amnesty for illegals being this man's dream. Looks like a dead field of candidates to me. Huckabee is the only acceptable choices in my book, no matter what "Rush" says. Rush himself is being hammered for being an "indulgant" elite only worried about his pocketbooks. He is entitled to his opinion, but just because I listen to him, doesn't mean I or many others are mindless zombies. I find it funny when people go on about talk radio as if those of us who listen can't make up our own minds. I'm tired of Rush's requests for deeper analysis of Huckabee, when he has NOT done the same with other candidates. Practice what you preach, Rush. No matter how many times some "conservative" wins based on your checklist, the country goes much further left over the course of time. Someone tell Limbaugh to put a lid on it. We're getting tired already.

Don't believe the lies from GOP elite, Eric.

Vote Mike Huckabee-- a true conservative, a man of honor, pro-life, pro-gun rights, less taxes, securing the borders, fighting terrorism, etc., etc.

The Truth Squad

Mike Huckabee - The Conservative Choice


Eric said...

So you find Fred boring. Give me a substantive reason I should consider Huckabee over Thompson.

Oh, and for the record, I don't listen to (or read) Rush.