Saturday, July 21, 2007

Time to clean up CIA?

If George W. Bush has learned one thing during his six plus years in office, it's that the Central Intelligence Agency can't be trusted with its own secrets. These days, any CIA desk jockey who disagrees with the current administration's policies can subvert those policies by leaking information on classified intelligence programs to the press. But, as the Strategy Page says in this article, the latest leak makes the previous ones pale by comparison.
The latest case of intelligence leaks actually makes past leaks to the press look good. In this case, CIA personnel who opposed the secret prisons for terrorists program, proceeded to assist an investigation run by the Council of Europe into the program. This is not only going to render American personnel more vulnerable to lawfare, but it will also make gathering intelligence harder – both with sources recruited by American agencies, and cooperation with other countries' intelligence agencies.
By anyone's measure, moving from leaks to the press to leaking directly to a foreign entity represents a major escalation. The President needs to direct the CIA to smoke out these treasonous scumbags and put them in federal pound-them-in-the-ass prison for life.

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