Tuesday, July 17, 2007

News blackout on Swiss crop circle?

I noticed a whole lotta visitors (relative to the usual trickle) over the past few days, even though I was traveling and hadn't posted much. It turns out the majority of the visitors were coming from Google searches for news on the crop circle discovered in Corcelles-pres-de-Payerne, Switzerland, and my post on the topic from ten days ago tops the list of search results.

Oddly, for as much interest as the story appears to have generated, there's nothing available on Yahoo News, and only the Fox News story on Google News, which I linked back on the 7th.

So, consider this the official launch of the Corcelles-pres-de-Payerne paranoid conspiracy theory: What are they hiding?



Anonymous said...

a photo of the circle is featured on yahoo photos of the week july 6-12


Anonymous said...

Circles just as amazing appear all the time in Europe, and rarely are they reported. I was surprised to find that nearly every two days extremely amazing crop formations are found and photographed and put on the web. check out the "latest" galleries at www.cropcircleconnector.com

Anonymous said...

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