Saturday, July 07, 2007

Live Earth: Enviro-hypocrisy

Today's wank-fest known as Live Earth marks new highs in self indulgence and new lows in hypocrisy by the celebrity-environmental movement complex. A global circle jerk of has-beens and wannabees will tell us that we must stop global warming, or global climate change...or something, all the while producing staggering amounts of carbon emissions just getting to the events.

No continent is safe from this plague today, with events planned in the following cities:
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo
  • Shanghai
  • Johannesburg
  • Hamburg
  • London
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • New Jersey
  • Washington
Even Antarctica gets a dose, with a webcast-only performance by Nunatak, a group of British scientists in Rothera.

Assuming for a moment that anthropogenic global warming (or climate change...or something) is a scientific fact, this series of events will cause far more of it than it'll prevent. A couple of rockers even recognize that fact:
"The last thing the planet needs is a rock concert," The Who's singer Roger Daltrey recently told a British newspaper.

"It would be a bit hypocritical for us to play when we are using enough power for ten houses just for stage lighting." (Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders)
I wonder if Al's wife Tipper approved the line-up.

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