Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sudden Jihadi Syndrome in Seattle

The antique media reportage of the shooting at a Jewish center in Seattle has been shameful. The response from the various authorities to the shooting has been even worse.

Following Friday's shooting at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, Seattle's finest have bent over backwards not to mention that the shooter, Naveed Avzal Haq, is a Muslim:
When asked if the suspect was Muslim, Kerlikowske said at a news conference, "you could infer that that was his background."
The FBI, too, was quick to soft-pedal Haq's background:
Laura Laughlin, special agent in charge of the Seattle FBI office, said Haq was a U.S. citizen.
In order to not make the point, Seattle police have stepped up Seattle's mosques and synagogues. Never mind that no infidels have barged into any mosques lately and opened fire on innocent Muslims.

Some more choice quotes from the various news sources:
At a news conference on Friday, Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels said, "This was a purposeful, hateful act as far as we know, by an individual acting alone. ... This is a crime of hate."

"There was a political element to it, but we believe this was the action of one person and not an organization," Seattle assistant police chief Nick Metz said at a news conference Friday.

Haq's lawyer, Larry Stephenson, told The Seattle Times that he thought Haq was single and unemployed, and that Haq had a misdemeanor lewd conduct charge pending in Benton County. Haq had been accused of exposing himself in a public place, Stephenson told The Times.

Haq's parents were shaken by his arrest in the shootings, the lawyer said.

"I talked to his father, and his mother is crying, and they don't know what is going on," Stephenson said. "They are very, very shook up.

Very, very shook up by his arrest, apparently, but not the shootings.

Sources: and Reuters, Agence France Press and AP via Yahoo News.

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ben said...

Well, lets see cop beheadings in San Deago and Jews being shot down in Washington State. Also the left wing Media keeping a lid on everything. Now class what does this mean. Can we say Jihad ???? Now every ones going to ignore this until someone goes in to a safeway and blows a bunch of soccer moms to kingdom come. And then he will be an American and somehow that will be different. Well, it will still be dip stick Muslim pig in Jihad. Be aware of the Islamic center down the street and load your guns because they are here and we will be seeing them soon.