Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Britain bans 'Saved Sect'

Five weeks ago, I wrote about a group in Britain called the "Saved Sect", which had all the appearances of an Islamic extremist group. The item on their site I found the most disturbing was this call to Islam for the people of Britain:
O people of Britain, we invite to Islam, to accept it as the truth and to worship and obey Allah exclusively and not associate partners with Him. If you accept, then Allah promises you contentment in this life and Paradise in the Hereafter. If you decline, Allah promises you misery in this life, and severe punishment in the Hereafter. The decision is yours O people of Britain.
It was the political-military practice of early Islam to first extend a call to Islam to a nation before waging war on it.

It was announced yesterday that the Saved Sect has been banned under Britain's anti-terrorism laws. Of course, banning an organization isn't the same as rounding up and deporting its members, but it's a start.


ben said...

You know I look at my son's picture every day. He died in tower two. Why doesn't England round up that bunch of goat humping sand pigs , fly them over Iran and show them the door. I am sure the head pig Mohamed will have 72 butt ugly virgins there to welcome them to hell.

dizzyfatplonka said...

Thats interesting news, that I had not heard of, but as you say, its a token jesture since all the muslim hoards are on the ground, poised for strike!