Monday, July 17, 2006

Does Israel stand alone?

Something is seriously wrong with the world's governments and the antique media's reporting of the events in the middle east. To wit:
  • Hamas terrorists based in Gaza execute a raid on Israel, killing IDF soldiers and capturing one. Israel responds by moving into Gaza. Israel draws near-universal condemnation.
  • Hizballah terrorists based in Lebanon execute a raid on Israel, killing eight IDF soldiers and capturing two. Israel responds by hitting Hizballah targets in Lebanon. Israel draws near-universal condemnation.
  • Israel issues warnings and uses precision weapons to minimize collateral damage. Hizballah indiscriminately lobs Syrian missiles that spray ball bearings in every direction into population centers in an effort to maximize civilian casualties. Israel gets accused of using "banned weapons" against civilians.
See the pattern here? Does anybody else think something's wrong with this picture?


ben said...

Well, we need to bring in the A team (Kerry, Carter, Palosie,and Kennedy) to negotiate a surrender. We can bring them here and give them social security benefits along with the Mexicans to insure the buying of there votes.

alison said...

Im not so certain this time round that everyone is against Israel. I havent felt that here in the UK and the print media seems ok:

< A HREF = ",,542-2273195,00.html" >The Times Leading article < / A >

Certainly know where i stand!

alison said... didnt work sorry

try again

British National Party member said...

Funny thing is, the domestic BBC seems to be LESS biased... though still biased... than normal.

Buggered if i know why.

dizzyfatplonka said...

Damn it, like I said the other day in responce to a jihadwatch post on the subject, wish the west would getb right behind them, and just keep going until all Islamic nations have fell, a once and for all winner takes all big bash.
That would sort this shit out!