Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hizballah's puppetmasters in Tehran

As the fighting between Israel and Hizballah in Lebanon continues, the calls for a cease fire are becoming more strident. Of course, "cease fire" in this case is Hizballah Jihadi lingo for "let me catch my breath, reorganize and rearm and get more money from our masters in Iran".

A cease fire accomplishes nothing and merely delays the inevitable. What would the world be like today if the Allies listened to some third party's call for cease fire and negotiations with the Axis powers during World War II?

A player often overlooked in the current conflict is Iran. While Israel's detractors are calling her reaction to Hamas' and Hizballah's aggression "disproportionate", Ahmadinejad and his mad Mullahs in Tehran are dishing out cash and support to Hizballah and Hamas, and cackling with glee. This is just the distraction to Iran's nuclear program they desired and actively sought.

Does anyone think that it was mere coincidence that both Hamas and Hizballah executed cross-border incursions into Israel to kill a few Israeli soldiers and capture a few more, both operations occurring within days of each other? Back in April, Iran gave Hamas $50 million in funds after most countries cut off funding. There's not an infidel's chance in Mecca that this money came with no strings attached. So Hamas takes the money, and dutifully increases rocket attacks against Israel, then snatches an IDF soldier and stashes him in Gaza.

Hizballah, which has always been under control of Iran's Mullahs, then sneaks into Israel, killing eight IDF soldiers and grabbing two more. Any thinking person would have to seriously doubt that Hizballah was merely inspired by the Hamas operation.

This whole episode is of Iran's making. The world must see through this and stop blaming Israel for taking steps to defend her borders.

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ben said...

Pelosi, Kennedy, and "This would not have happened if I where President" Kerry, blow hards all, are trying to tell you if you appease, surrender and cut and run, that its OK for Jews to be murdered not the killer Muslims. Yes, its true friends, France, and the rest of Europe want the job Hitler started to be completed. None of those cowards will do anything until some peace loving Muslim cuts there throats. I really hope those Israeli's do have 400 nuclear weapons and start getting busy.