Sunday, August 28, 2005

She Who Must Not Be Named

Ok, I've held off writing anything about this woman, but I can't any longer. I won't even use her name in this post, but you've probably heard of her. Son got killed in Iraq, camps out in Crawford demanding to see the President, liberal media (not to mention Al Sharpton, David Duke and neo-Nazis) all love her, blah-blah-blah.

I've had a hard time putting my thoughts about this woman on paper (screen), not because I've got mixed feelings, but it's hard to do so without coming across as a right-wing shill or insensitive to a mother's loss. Hell, I've got three kids of my own, two of them are boys at or near war-fighting age. But I just can't take any more, so here it comes.

This woman needs to go away. She needs to just go home and stop embarrassing herself and making a mockery of her own son's death. Every time she opens up her demented mouth, she reaches new heights of anti-semitism and left-wing extremism (as if there were any other kind of leftist). She's made statements such as "America is not a country worth fighting for." Excuse me, ma'm, but what would your son think of such a statement?

She spews the most extreme, hate-filled, left-wing and anti-Semite line that this is a war for Israel. I'm sorry, but would someone please explain to my aging, beer-soaked brain exactly HOW Israel is benefitting from this war?

Maybe if the left-wing dominated media would stop paying attention to her she'll go away. Which is the reason I won't include her name in this post. I don't want to contribute to any Google hits on her name.

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