Friday, August 05, 2005

Inaugural Posting

So, I've decided to be like the rest of the sheep and start my own blog. Why? Who knows. I guess maybe it's because I don't work in an office (I work from home when not traveling on business), and thus don't get to vent much around a watercooler like most of you.

I chose to name this blog "The Pool Bar" after our backyard pool where my wife and I enjoy hanging out with our friends and discussing a wide variety of topics over a few cold ones. So in that vein, this blog will cover a range of topics from politics to sports, social trends (and ills), and whatever pops into my head.

So, read, enjoy and feel free to comment!

1 comment:

oldgramps said...

What a photo! Where did you get the imitiation parrot? (It looks almost real).