Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Oh, Pat, why can't you shut the hell up?

According to Pat Robertson, we should send a team into Venezuela and take out Hugo Chavez. Never mind that former President Gerald Ford issued an executive order proscribing such action, and Ronald Reagan later affirmed that policy -- let's just do it and save a couple hundred billion dollars. Did I miss something? Was there some recently announced plan to invade Venezuela? How do we save $200 billion dollars we weren't planning on spending?

Yes, Chavez is a dangerous, and quite possibly, unstable man. He's cozied up to Castro, hangs out with psychotic mullahs in Iran, and keeps screeching that the United States has plans to invade Venezuela and/or assassinate him. Moronic statements like these from Robertson play right into his hands and will only make the Venezuelan people rally around him.

Our current policy towards Chavez, which is to basically ignore him, will work just fine until such time as the Venezuelan people vote him out of office, or find some other way to depose him. He's not going to shut off the oil supply to us any time soon...he's getting way too much money from us for him to do that.

Pat...please sit down and shut up.


tom clarke said...

Go Pat go! Oops, wrong Pat. Jeff Goldstein reminds us who the bad guy really is.

tom clarke said...

Man, this thing sucks for posting links! You can't just paste em, you gotta paste half, then paste the other half. Sheesh! The link to Goldstein's blog is

tom clarke said...

Aarrgh!! Forget it I give up. He cites an article by Thor Halvorsson in the August 8 issue of the Weekly Standard.

>>>In an interview with Voice of America in 1999, the late Constantine Menges of the Hudson Institute predicted that “Chávez will stir up revolution and violence throughout Latin America. The longer he is in power, the more he can use the oil wells of Venezuela to do so.” When Menges spoke, the price of oil had briefly dipped below $10 per barrel. Since then, oil prices have quintupled, making the Chávez government the richest in Venezuelan history and vastly multiplying the damage it can do.

[...] In addition to his ideological alliances, petro-politics, and support for guerrilla terror throughout Latin America, Chávez has begun expanding Venezuela’s military capability. In the past year he has more than tripled the Venezuelan military budget, purchasing 20 high-performance MiG fighter jets and 100,000 AK-47 machine gun rifles from the Russian government as well as an unprecedented number of helicopter gunships, surface-to-air missiles, and Onyx missiles (which can sink aircraft carriers). This spring, Chávez defended Iran’s nuclear development program after warmly receiving their president in Venezuela and signing new “technological” treaties. In March he announced the creation of a two-million man reserve army to defend the revolution “against the American invasion.”

Check out the whole article, it's excellent.