Thursday, August 25, 2005

Red Sox watch

Magic Number: 35

Lost in extra innings to Kansas City last night. Kansas City!! How did we NOT beat them?? Oh well, at least the Evil Empire lost, too.

Is it just me, or is Manny playing like he doesn't give a rat's ass? And how in the hell does a team load the bases three times in one game without scoring a run?

The Evil Empire is in a dead heat with Cleveland and Oakland for the wild card. That should be an interesting foot race.

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Richie Z said...

Rich from KC here....I saw how the winning run scored last night and I must agree with you that Ramirez looked like he wanted to hit the clubhouse. The throw was on target but it seemed to take forever to get there. Oh well, the air was heavy & wet and it was late. I guess $100+ million doesn't buy what it used to......Good luck the rest of the year. I'm pulling for the Indians to grab the wildcard spot. They've got some young guys that are fun to watch (Sizemore, Peralta, etc.)