Saturday, October 31, 2009

Update on freaky "ghost" picture

Image taken at 12:10pm

Image taken at 12:11pm

Second image taken at 12:11pm

Update on the earlier post.

Something I learned today is that uploading pictures to Blogger will result in reduction in size, so here are fresh images uploaded directly from the CD. They're still reduced, but at least they're all consistent.

For clarification...the first picture I put up (the one with the "ghost") in the original post was the one Rick e-mailed to me last night. The two I later added came from my wife's PC, which I uploaded to Blogger, and then later downloaded from my blog to my PC. That's where the differences in the file sizes originated...Blogger reduced the images.

Adding to my earlier suspicions were slight differences in the EXIF data. My wife uses Picasa for image management, which apparently modifies the "Creation Software" EXIF attribute to read "Picasa 3.0". The one Rick e-mailed me simply said "V.1.0". That's how all three of these read, taken directly from the CD.

So, the mystery of the "ghost" of St. Peter's Basilica remains, and I'd certainly appreciate someone who actually knows something about digital imagery taking a look and giving me their opinion.

If you want the original image files from the CD, just leave a comment with your e-mail address, and I'll be happy to send them along. To avoid your e-mail address getting picked up by a spambot, just put it in "name at provider dot whatever" format, e.g., jsmith at yahoo dot com.

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