Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Telegraph: Ignorance is bliss

According to the London Telegraph, the management of Britain's Channel 4 is "under fire" for "offering a platform" to radical Islam by airing an interview with an Islamic freakazoid going by the name of "Abu Muhammed".
Using the name "Abu Muhammed", the man was interviewed with his features disguised by a scarf as he claimed British Muslims were "at war" with the government and said the July 7 bombings were "very justified''.

The man is banned from entering Britain, but has held meetings here in the past and maintains contact with other radicals through a website he runs.

Interviewed in an unnamed European location, he told the Dispatches programme that Britain was waging a "war against Islam" and that retaliation was justified.

"A Muslim in the UK should realise that we are in a state of war and that the covenant [of security] has been broken by the British government and its Western allies," he said.

"They want to kill you unless you turn back from your faith."

Asked by interviewer Phil Rees if the July 7 suicide attacks that killed 52 people were justified, he said: "Of course, it was very justified because Allah says if someone is committing aggression against you, you commit aggression towards him. "

He also said: "Even if you need to deceive the British government and get a visa to get into the country to perform your duties as a Muslim.

"If Allah orders us to terrorise the kuffar [non-believer] and I am doing something that will be labelled as terrorising them then I will be happy to have a label on my forehead that says I am a terrorist."
The trouble is, though, nowhere in the article does the Telegraph inform us from whom Channel 4 is under fire. The reader is left to assume, therefore, that Channel 4 is under fire from The Telegraph's editors. Apparently, the Telegraph would prefer that Channel 4 only show Muslims cuddling with puppies and helping little old ladies (relatives, of course!) across the street.

Pigs like Abu Muhammed should be put on the air at every opportunity so that the world can see them for the animals that they are.

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