Monday, August 06, 2007

Saudi life laid bare

Here's another in my irregular series of posts on the joys of life in Saudi Arabia.

A 17 year old is being held in a mental institution after beating to death two household maids and beating two others severely enough to require hospitalization. Police have detained the boy's father.
Two Indonesian maids were beaten to death and two others remain in the intensive care unit at a Riyadh hospital in an assault authorities believe was committed by the son of the maids’ employer. The 17-year-old suspect in the double-homicide and assault is reportedly being held in a mental hospital while police have detained his father.

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According to hospital staff, the police believe the suspect smashed the women against walls and beat them with an igal (the black headband used to hold down the shumag, the Bedouin headdress commonly worn by Saudi men) because he thought they were possessed by the devil and performing witchcraft on him. [Wanna bet there's a sexual dimension to this? --ed.]

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Two of the women were pronounced dead on arrival at Aflaj General Hospital at about 3:30 p.m. on Saturday. The surviving assault victims were identified as Romini Shurti, 30, and Tari Bibitarfin, 27.

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Speaking in broken Arabic, Bibitarfin told Arab News that the youth (one of nine siblings) attacked them one by one while they were working and was saying they “had the devil inside” and that they “did magic”. The large household is located in a suburban area.

Bibitarfin was unable to explain where the other members of the family were when the assault took place. She has been working at this household for about 18 months with no issues with the family members.
Yes...where were those other family members? How did this kid manage to separately beat four women, two of them to death and two of them severely enough to put into intensive care, with a piece of clothing, with nobody else intervening?

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