Saturday, March 18, 2006

Confused? Adrift? Ask the Imam!

It seems Islam has lots of rules governing what's allowed (halal) and what's forbidden (haram). Curious, I did a bit of searching on the Internet, and stumbled across a site where one can find out just what, exactly, in every day life is halal or haram. A few samples:

Fantasizing during sex is haram
Q: Can a man think of another woman while having intercourse with his wife?
The one posting the question quotes from the hadiths:
If any one of you is attracted to and likes a woman, he should go back to his wife and have intercourse with her, because this will rid him of whatever affected him.

A: Apparently, no. According to the Imam, "
According to Shariah, it is haraam to think about other women while being intimate with ones spouse."

Pants are permitted
The phrasing of this question made me look:
I dont wear pants anymore i wanted to know if it is ok in shariah to wear pants or a suit with a tie to work.

If your employer requires you to wear shirt and pants to work, you may do so.
OK, so if this guy doesn't wear pants any more, exactly what does he wear?

Men can't work for women...or maybe they can...or...
Can a Muslim man work under a female boss or take order from a female in a workplace?

According to the Shari’ah, a female’s place is her home. She could come out from her home only in case of need and necessity which is recognised and accepted in Shari’ah. In that instance, she will have to observe the laws of Hijaab and Purdah in Shari’ah. She cannot intermingle with the opposite gender or take with a Ghayr Mahram male without need and necessity. Ghayr Mahram is he with whom marriage is permissible. If she violates the laws of Hijaab, it will be a major sin.

It is permissible for a female to have a male employee. If the male is a Ghayr Mahram, then the laws of Hijaab must apply.

Allah approves of lasers
Q: Can a boy trim his bushy eyebrows using Laser Hair removal?

A: If you eyebrows have become so thick that they are about double the thickness of those of a normal person, thus they have become a fault, then there is permissibility for bringing them back to their normal size...Your eyebrows CANNOT be thinned so much that they become thinner than what is normal.

A few other gems gleaned from the site

  • It's OK to shower with your wife.

  • Phone sex is OK (as long as it's with your wife).

  • It's OK for a man and his mother-in-law to hug, but if it causes either one to "feel passion", it invalidates the marriage.

  • It's forbidden for a man to suck his wife's breast in order to get milk.

  • It's OK to marry and have sex with a girl as soon as she hits puberty.

  • Islam dictates how long menstruation lasts.

  • Psychokinesis is permitted, provided it's performed for social benefit.

  • Paying even one penny of interest is equivalent in sin to having sex with your mother 53 times.

There are plenty more at Not to be missed are the many questions about masturbation and wet dreams.

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