Monday, March 13, 2006

Biden: Troops should only stay in Iraq if they're no longer needed there

In statements made on NBC's "Meet the Press" yesterday, Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware said that we should bring the troops home from Iraq if the political situation there doesn't improve by the end of the summer. He went on to say that if he "knew what he knows now when Congress voted on the Iraq war resolution, he would have opposed it" according to the AP article.

So, to summarize: If the troops are still needed in Iraq they should be brought home. But if they're no longer needed in Iraq, they should stay. And if Sen. Biden thought it'd be difficult to invade a country, throw its murdering dictator in jail, establish a brand new government, and unite factions that have been killing each other for 1,200 years, he'd have been against it.

Oh yeah...he's a great choice for president in 2008.

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