Saturday, January 21, 2006

Stupid terrorists, stupid journalists

Jill Carroll, freelance reporter for the Christian Science Monitor, was abducted by terrorists in Iraq. Her abductors are demanding the release of female prisoners held by Iraqi authorities and coalition forces. The terrorists' deadline came and went yesterday with no word on the fate of Ms. Carroll. It goes without saying that any person with the slightest bit of humanity prays for Ms. Carroll's safe release and that she doesn't suffer the same fate as other abductees.

But the story is just another example of the brainlessness of some people. On the one hand, we have a journalist who views the terrorists as heroes fighting against oppression, and on the other we have terrorists threatening to kill one of their best spokespersons. It's not that Ms. Carroll's reporting is dishonest, but rather one-sided. A reading of samples of her writing on the CSM's web site shows that like many other reporters, she focuses on everything negative in Iraq and none of the positives.

Journalists such as Ms. Carroll are the best friends the "insurgency" has. Their constant negative reporting turns public support away from the effort, as I believe it's intended to do, the goal being to force a withdrawal. Which, of course, is exactly what the poor, oppressed terrorists want, so that they can do some oppressing of their own.

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