Saturday, January 21, 2006

Hello Mr. President...Usama calling

In one of the more comical stories of the week, Usama bin Laden, or someone who sounds enough like him, issued an audio recording. In it, he offered a "truce" with the US if we agreed to leave Afghanistan and Iraq. Excuse me, but that's kind of like Custer offering a truce to Sitting Bull if he'd just stop killing all his troops.

But the most striking thing about the recording was that it sounded like it was written by the Democratic National Committee. It covered just about every DNC talking point from "Bush lied" to "America's no safer" to "huge financial cost". The only thing UBL failed to mention was Halliburton.

Hey, Howard Dean...are any of your staffers missing?

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Rancher said...

I remember when Osama put out his last tape, he echoed Michael Moore and pretty much endorsed Al Core. He either believes this or feels that Bush’s WOT is helping him recruit more jihadist and is using reverse psychology. The loss of his base in Afghanistan, the many jihadist lost in Iraq, especially in Fallujah, the loss of a lot of funding through fake charities that dried up after the Patriot Act, has to be hurting. I firmly believe that he vehemently hates Bush and so is echoing the left’s talking points, (who BTW are equally vehemently against Bush), so as to try and influence the public opinion against Bush and the WOT.