Saturday, October 29, 2005

Religion of Peace Speaks Up In Indonesia

Those peace-loving Muslims in Indonesia are at it again, this time attacking and beheading three school girls from a Christian school, and severely injuring a fourth (link).

Of course, AP is too squeamish to state directly that the attackers were Islamic terrorists, describing them instead as "unidentified assailants". The article goes on to describe sectarian violence in Central Sulawesi, which is roughly evenly divided between Christians and Muslims.

But one shouldn't jump to any conclusions, right?


Adam Sullivan said...

Eric -

Great minds think alike ...

I noticed something like this in the BBC coverage. The whole "beheading" thing gets me - it is very clinical. Even murder is a more powerful word.

Eric said...

Yeah, you're right...on the one side, "beheading" is somewhat more detached, but on the other, the whole idea of murder by decapitation is pretty horrifying.

A Christian Prophet said...

Lingering from a "religious" war. But apparently wars are not started by religions, rather by ego-vested interests. See The Christian Prophet blog:

Eric said...

I'm not a particularly religious person myself, but I do believe in the rights of religious freedom.

That includes the right to not be blown up by a car bomb or have your head lopped off because you're something other than a Muslim.