Saturday, October 22, 2005

Demonstrate Like an Egyptian reports (courtesy of AP) that the distribution of a DVD recording of a play performed at a Coptic Christian church in Egypt has sparked outrage among Muslims. There are two disturbing elements in this story.

The first, of course, is the now-familiar Muslim outrage at anything they find offensive to Islam. The play is about a young Christian who converts to Islam and becomes disillusioned. In this instance, the mob turned out after Friday noon prayers at a local mosque (hmmm...I wonder what the sermon was about that day?) hurling stones and smasing windows and trying to storm a Christian church.

It's never enough to voice a formal complaint or even to demonstrate peacefully. The first reaction is always one of violence and destructuion.

The second disturbing element is AP's coverage of the story. AP blandly reports on the Muslims' reaction, then goes on to complain, "A photographer for The Associated Press saw police fire rubber bullets into the crowd, causing injuries. Police claimed officers fired rubber bullets only into the air while trying to disperse the crowd.", and "One protester, Mohammed Zakaraya Hassan, 48, died after being trampled and inhaling tear gas". Oh, those poor, poor militants.

Once again, the media portrays militant Muslims as the victims rather than the perpetrators.

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