Sunday, October 02, 2005

Feminism, Hamas-style

The Telegraph of London ran an interesting item today about the role of women in jihad on behalf of Hamas. Apparently a culture that treats women as little more than breeding stock has no problem with women taking up arms, provided those arms are targeting Israelis.

Rasha Rantisi, whose husband, Hamas leader Abdelaziz Rantisi was killed by Israeli Defense Forces last year, has become a symbolic leader for women aspiring to jihad. Says Ms. Rantisi, "I speak for my sisters. Hamas has always honoured women, but now the time has come for Hamas to give a role to women. We can participate in health and education, and politics too."

She goes on to say that Hamas must accept nothing less than Sharia law: "I will not accept secularism." Even more disturbing is her commitment to the destruction of the state of Israel:"I refuse any compromise," she said. "The liberation struggle will continue until we liberate all our land. Even if we enter elections our weapons will not grow dusty against Israel."

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