Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti: Hell on earth

The situation in Haiti appears worse than anything anyone can imagine with the immediate death toll - that is, deaths caused by injuries sustained during the earthquake itself - possibly numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Even at the low end of those guesses - say 100,000 dead - that's a little over 1% of Haiti's total population of 9 million. For comparison purposes, the US would have to suffer 3.3 million dead from a single event to hit that percentage. And keep in mind that the ultimate death toll is likely to be much, much higher in the weeks and months that follow, thanks to disease and loss of medical care infrastructure.

Here's a link to Network for Good which has a pretty good round-up of charitable organizations from which you can choose to donate. And you will donate, won't you?

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Ayrdale said...

Very interesting article re France's obligations to Haiti...'sDebt.pdf