Friday, January 15, 2010

Cheap shot

I've said before that one constant in life is that liberals always feel themselves intellectually superior to their ideological counterparts. Always. A column on the special senate election in Massachusetts in today's Boston Globe by Brian McGrory is a case in point.

McGrory starts by spinning Democrat Martha Coakley's free fall in the polls as nothing more than crappy campaigning on her part. While that's certainly true in part, the idea that voters in such a deep-blue state are weary of Democratic policies isn't even considered.

Then, while describing Republican Scott Brown's effective and tireless campaigning, McGrory just can't help himself...he's got to slip this in:
And, let’s be honest, his nights probably aren’t tied up with Mensa meetings.
Cheap shot from a cheap journalist.


Ayrdale said...

Every time I open a newspaper, or Time magazine that stink of bias wifts out. How long will it be before journalists get the message ? I wonder if any of them recommend journalism as a good long term career option ?

Although to its credit, our NZ Listener magazine (once the in house journal for the left) has become a provocative and worthwhile read. Earned a subscription from me on the strength of it too.

Mr. Bingley said...

Yeah, I read that line and I thought "you pompous miserable puke, you're so witty" because any conservative (as much as anyone in Mass. can actually be conservative, mind you) is so obviously schtuuuuuuupeeeed.

As Rachel Lucas would say: "asshat"