Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Biden creating or saving lots of auto body repair jobs

A brief exchange on Twitter today with @VRWCTexan revealed that it may have been dangerous to hunt with Dick Cheney, but if Joe Biden ever invites you on a road trip, you might consider politely declining.
November 11:
Two Secret Service vehicles used by Vice President Joe Biden allegedly struck and killed a pedestrian at an intersection on Washington, DC's Suitland Parkway in the early morning hours of Wednesday, news reports say.

November 16:
A sheriff's deputy was taken to an Albuquerque hospital after being involved in an accident while working the motorcade for Vice President Joe Biden, who spoke at a campaign fundraiser to benefit two New Mexico Democrats.

November 17:
A car responsible for clearing a path for Vice President Biden’s motorcade was involved in a West Side collision that sent three people to the hospital today, sources said.
How many more, Joe? How many more?

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