Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Honor By August, one of my favorite DC-area bands, has an upcoming show at the 9:30 Club in Washington on July 11th, and they've engaged in some creative incentives to get their fans to bring as many friends as possible. To wit:
2 - HBA sticker
3 - Lottery entry for signed HBA drum head
5 - one free music lesson from a band member of your choice
10 - Your choice of bowling or dinner with the band at your house
15 - Personal show (invite as many as you want!)
20 - Personal show + we will make a DVD
25 - We will throw a party in your honor (we will supply band, burgers and beverages!)
50 - Michael will clean your house
100 - HBA will write a song about you and perform it at a private show at your house, which we will have just cleaned
500 - HBA will grant three wishes. Seriously
Too bad I'll be in Europe...I'm sure I could have rounded up 20 people to go.

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