Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Something Stinks in Washington

A couple of days ago, on November 20th, an exotic plant called Titan Arum bloomed at the US Botanical Garden in Washington. The plant, found naturally only in Sumatra, exhudes a powerful stench, similar to that of rotting meat. It's also known as the corpse plant. The plant blooms only every few years, but its timing couldn't have been more appropriate.

In another part of Washington, Democrats are pumping out their own rank odor with their calls to withdraw from Iraq. It's not so much the demands that stink as it is the motivation behind them.

The Democrats know full well that to leave Iraq now would cause that country to descend into all-out civil war. This would allow the Democratic party, in coming elections, to point fingers at the Bush administration and say "See? Look what they did to Iraq!". The Democrats' worst nightmare is success in Iraq, in which the Iraqi people are living in a free society, with a freely elected leadership.

The Democratic party has proven that they care not one bit about the Iraqi people, or about national security. They'd rather do what's right for their party rather than what's right.

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