Thursday, November 24, 2005

Adam and Eve and The Time Machine

I recently came across a web site called The stated purpose of the site is "A network, where Muslims come to learn from each other on how best to convey the message of Islam with beauty, wisdom and tolerance; so that the souls of humanity may find peace by connecting with their Creator, Lord of the Universe." The site also has links for non-Muslims to learn about Islam.

Dawa, by the way, or Dawah, is an Arabic word meaning to invite, and is commonly used to mean proselytize.

Curious, I pulled up a few of the pages. I don't mind saying that I quickly got pretty creeped out. Consider the following line from this page:
"Definitely, leaving our children with non-Muslims more hours a day than they spend with Muslims is potentially dangerous." Oh, my. There's a voice of tolerance. Then there's this line from the same page: "In addition, we can share the message of Islam with our child's teacher, an excellent Dawa opportunity." Yikes. Nearly as scary as an Amway sales rep.

In fact, on page after page, I found the common thread was that everything is a Dawa opportunity! Going to an infidel neighbor's house for a cookout? Dawa! Meeting your kid's new school principal? Dawa! Yeesh.

So, with some trepidation, I clicked on this link for non-Muslims. It links to another site called Islam 101. The first line that caught my eye was this: "
Islam was the religion of the first couple, Adam and Eve." Huh?

Let's see...Islam was founded by Mohammed in the 7th century. That means Christianity pre-dates Islam by more than 600 years. Judaism long pre-dates Christianity, and was founded by descendants of Adam and Eve, so that means Adam and Eve pre-date even Judaism. So, in order for Adam and Eve to have been Muslims, that can only mean they had...a freakin' time machine!!

That's it. My head hurts. I think I'll go help my wife cook a turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!

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