Monday, May 18, 2009

The filthy blog tag pox

Reader Ayrdale has struck me with the Filthy Tag Pox, in which I'm supposed to post eight random things about myself, so here goes...
  • I sometimes brew my own beer.
  • One of the strangest duties I ever had in the Air Force was to fire rockets at fighter planes in flight...our own planes.
  • I've visited 22 countries outside the US.
  • I've been to Las Vegas at least six times over the last eight years, yet gambling is one of the few vices I don't have.
  • You know that old-fashioned teletype punched paper tape? There was a time I could read the holes in it.
  • I've been in IT long enough to have programmed in both COBOL and FORTRAN.
  • I saw Aerosmith in 1974.
  • I once traded seats on a plane with Henry Winkler.
Now it's my turn to pass the pox to Mark at Dangling Invective, Chuck at Front Porch Anarchist and Dave C. at At The Point Of A Gun.


Dave C said...

passed it on..

Ayrdale said...

...home brewing is a perfect hobby. I had mine bubbling quietly in the bathroom, warmed by a small 60W bulb and the heated towel rail, and its spasmodic, fragrant hoppy burps were lullaby music to my wife didn't think so however...

Eric said...

I got me a smallish fermenting vessel for small batches (around 2.5 gallons/10 liters) and I keep space for it in my wine fridge. Now I can brew lagers fermented at low temperatures. Before that, it was all ales, all the time.

Charles said...

OK, I bit. :)