Thursday, February 24, 2011

UN furiously wringing its hands over Libya

For over a week now, Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi's loyalists have been murdering protesters in the streets, and going so far as to bomb them from the air. There are even reports that funeral processions for protesters are being attacked by Qaddafi's thugs, as are emergency medical service crews when responding to calls for help. Italy's foreign minister puts the death toll at north of 1,000 and Qaddafi's son promises to fight to "the last bullet" and threatens "rivers of blood". And what's the UN action been so far? They can't agree to boot Libya off the UN Human Rights Council or to even investigate the Libyan government's actions.

I realize that these guys are mainly career diplomats given to weak speech, but this is ridiculous:
The Thai ambassador also said he hoped that any resolutions against Libya would be taken seriously by Tripoli.

"If there is a unity... with members, observers of the council speaking with one voice, I think concerned countries will have to listen and I hope, be cooperative," he said.

He also spoke out against precipitous action to exclude Libya

"Let's address this situation first, then other issues of course we'll have to discuss in the council if members are going to discuss," he stressed.
The Thai ambassador is not alone.
But with a majority of Asian and African nations -- backed by Russia, China and Cuba -- declining to support a draft resolution, diplomats said it was likely to be heavily watered down and perhaps not passed at all at the emergency meeting.

A text tabled at the 47-nation Council condemns "extremely grave" rights violations as forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi moved to crush a revolt against his 41-year rule over the past week.

[ ... ]

The only sign of a break in the normally solid bloc of Islamic, African and Asian states which -- with Russian, Chinese and Cuban support -- effectively controls the Council came with Jordan, Qatar, Senegal and the Maldives backing the draft.

But diplomats said this would not be enough to prevent the majority -- who work to shield each other from public criticism on their rights performance -- from blocking any meaningful action by the Council.


Jeff said...

Unfortunately, it's too f'n believable. More proof that the UN is nothing more than an excuse to treat the world's connected elite to a good life in NYC. Accomplishments? Zero. Cost of Zero Accomplishments? Nearly Priceless (or at least endless).

More of the same "Stop! Or I'll...uh...yell stop again!" global leadership (and I use that term very loosely.

Eric said...

Never in the history of the world has there been a more useless and impotent organization.

Mr. Bingley said...

They have written a letter telling him how angry they are!

Eric said...

Well, if there's one thing that'll make Qaddafi quake with fear, it's the dreaded Strongly Worded Letter(tm) from the UN!

FIREBIRD said...

We should stop all funding of the UN, give them ALL 90 days to vacate the premises AND the country, and turn the empty building into public housing

Ayrdale said...

I agree with comments above. What will it take to make the UN a truly effective body ? Whatever reform is necessary, what's the bet it will eventually be a US initiative. Not likely under this administration...