Friday, December 11, 2009

Stupid crap that bugs me

Just caught a teaser for the upcoming local news show in which the anchor said "Pakistan" with the Obama-approved pronunciation "PAH-kee-stahn", and it made my eyelid twitch. I know it's a running gag on the right, but it bugs me beyond all reason.

Presumably they pronounce it that way because that's how a Pakistani would pronounce it, yet you never hear Obama or any of the other assclowns pronounce Afghanistan the way someone from that region pronounces it. For that matter, you never hear one of them pronounce "Germany" as "DOYTCH-lahnd".

Fucking poseurs.

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Mark said...

I hear Pakistanis pronounce it several ways. But the Obama "PAAkeestaaaaaan" bit sounds like a faux BBC affectation. Curious given the way the administration disses the Brits at every opportunity. Sadly, the Afghans don't get the same love; they're still just plain old Afghanistan; sometimes "Afghanstan".

But if we're to start pronouncing the names of countries the way their inhabitants pronounce them in English, we're in for a fun time.

"There's a cold front moving in from Canada,eh."

"The Obama administration nominated top fundraiser Clifton Crunchycrotch to be the next ambassador to `Stralia..."