Sunday, August 30, 2009

Is Iraq today better than Saddam's Iraq? Hell, yes.

This report (PDF format) on Iraq from the Brookings Institute, published monthly, carries some fascinating facts and insights on the changing face of Iraq since the invasion in early 2003. For example:
  • Under Saddam Hussein, prior to the invasion, there were NO commercial television stations and NO independent newspapers. By 2006, 54 commercial TV stations were operating and 268 independent newspapers and magazines in circulation.
  • In 2003, there were 833,000 telephone subscribers. Today, there are 17.7 million cellular subscribers and 1.3 million landline users.
There's a load of other information of an encouraging nature in the report. Take the time to check it out.


Ayrdale said...

Fantastic. It looks like old Dubya was on track. Isn't it peculiar that the left lose their concern for social justice when it suits them ?
I wonder if GWB will be acknowledged as a liberator in his lifetime ?
Have used the report with H/T.

Eric said...

Unfortunately, Iraq will always be viewed by the left through the prism of their political beliefs.