Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lost weekend

I really do love my job, but sometimes it's a bit of an ass-ache. I had to go to the west coast for work this week with plans to return on Thursday. I was looking forward to going up to DC Saturday morning for the Gathering of Eagles counter-demonstration, and then maybe get back home in time to go out for some St. Patrick's day festivities.

But as they say, no plan ever survives contact with the enemy. I ended up not being able to get out of San Jose until Saturday morning, effectively spiking my plans for GoE, but with a 5PM ETA, my vague St. Paddy's day plans were relatively intact. Well, my connecting flight from Atlanta was over an hour late getting out, and then half way to Richmond the pilot announced he was turning back to Atlanta due to a cabin pressure problem.

I ended up not getting home until well after 10PM. Thanks, Delta.

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